We are obsessively unique, with an eccentric focus on – simplicity! We might be a very small gourmet company, but we are aiming to change the world with our mission of simplifying food.

Have you ever wondered why food brands have such complex ingredients, added colors, and preservatives? And despite so much food engineering and alterations, they still have very poor nutrition. That’s because making ‘simple food’ is incredibly tough. It’s expensive to make, is difficult to source, has poor shelf life and is often misunderstood.

We believe good food is made with recipes and ingredients that are simple. Which is why in an Agápi cup, you will find the same fruits in the product that are listed on the packaging (Agápi also has the highest fruit content in its category ;-). Your cup will never have any preservatives (we sell fresh food), nor any colors ever (we hate being pretentious). So, dig into the beautiful thick creamy texture of Agápi made with 3x more milk than usual yogurts. We bet you nobody else can afford to make food with such good intent!